So apparently I T&S blog in my sleep.

I woke up to my mom screaming at me at 9 because I’m late for class and she needs my car so she’s supposed to drive me to class. (Still late for class, but if I’m late, I might as well update you as to why I’m late)

Why the fuck didn’t you wake me up?

I yelled at her angrily. She said, 

I came into your room at 8 and you were on the computer! It’s your fault you’re late!

I was really confused because I hadn’t been awake at all, had no recollection of being on tumblr and blogging. I looked at my computer that was sitting on the nightstand and looked at the computer screen… I was logged onto tumblr, about to reblog a picture of Tegan.

Well I’ve slept talked before! You know I sleep talk! Why didn’t you assume that I was doing the same thing!?! YOU WOKE ME UP ONCE AT 8 AND DIDN’T ASSUME TO WAKE ME UP AGAIN?!

I was getting angry because I was really, really confused at this point. A few more words were exchanged that don’t need sharing because I wasn’t a good, obedient child this morning.

Lesson Learned:

Don’t ever assume that I am awake, even if I am talking to you. Even if I’m standing up and walking around, and there’s a chance that I’m asleep, I will probably get back into bed and fall back asleep.

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